Women's leggings

Large selection of sheer and shaping leggings. A wide range of colors and sizes. Excellent quality at a reasonable price.



The flawless technique and artistry of Yvette Chauviré made her one of the very few to be referred to as a prima ballerina assoluta. Our technique of knitting these fabulous dance leggings is an absolute perfection, too.

Dance leggings produced of double covered yarns knitted in 3D technology which increases durability and resilience, as well as guarantees the soft and smooth texture with a matt finish. This technology provides a feeling of comfort to your skin and increased elasticity for a perfect fit. Comfortable, erelastic welts. The super-elastic structure of this model enables uninhibited movement and insures a great comfort.

88% polyamide, 12% elastane
35 pcs./1 box
2 3 4

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